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Sep 03, 2018 0 Stanley Imoisili

Why You Should Never Feel Intimidated


Do you see your friends
look fly and glamorous with trends?
The clothes and blinks and swags
and phones and shoes and bags?
The smiles and winks and trips
and bouts of Champagne sips?
You feel you're unfortunate, left behind
or heaven's blessing isn't for your kind?
You fear to upload your photo?
Because your hood looks like a ghetto?

Do you filter all your images
believing your face has cosmetic damages?
Perhaps your bestie got married
and you feel like you're not carried?
Do they fall in love every week,
yet one sweetheart you pray and seek?
Did you introduce them to the game
and they dumped you after the fame?
Do their lives seem to have no worries
while yours seem overrun by lorries?

Are you in anyway intimidated?
Seriously, you're intimidated?

Damn it! Don't be!!!

Nobody has it all figured out and 
most are just waiting for the ultimate logout. 

NEGLECT it all
if you ever want to ball!

If people are are successful
it's their business. 
If they are not, it's their business. 
If they're happy,
it's their business
If they're not, it's their business. 

Don't let a girl getting beat by her boo
make you treat your love like poo!
Don't let dudes that got no jobs
make you hopeless and full of sobs! 

Don't be intimidated!!!


Photo: We'll call him Bruce. Taunted that he wouldn't be much in life just because he is very short (5 feet 3), he decided to prove his friends and previous girlfriends wrong. 

He moved to the USA and married a stunning wife, Maria who is over 20 inches taller!

People continued to talk, to try to intimidate him for being significantly shorter than wifey. 

To pepper them hard, he insists that his wife must ALWAYS wear high heel stilettoes whenever they are in public. Even his daughter is taller than him. 

Jobless people want to talk, Bruce gives them the opportunity to fool themselves.


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